Non-competitive exercising to keep you fit and strengthen your life energy. The focus is on exercising the spine and stretching your muscles while doing the workout, classic asanas and sets of poses (sun salutation, moon salutation and five Tibetans).

Working with your breath and centres of energy, eye exercises. Bandhas, mudras, concentration on the energy centres, mantras.

From related areas: bits of acupressure, assisted stretching inspired by Thai massages, working with aids (blocks, belts, wall bars, poles, small weights).


We recommend a range of seminars and yoga trainings to our club members and also weekends and holidays with exercising.


We do not separate people of different ages in our yoga club, all the exercises are mixed, for men and women of all ages.

Most of the exercisers are older than 18, our members are mainly middle aged or older, our lessons get joined by university students as well as retired people.


The total number of the exercisers is somewhere between 80 and 90 people, out of which three quarters are women, seniors and students, and one third are men, seniors and students.