In our club we are interested in various forms of exercising. From slower stretching and body forming exercises to a more dancing lesson with advanced choreography. For your better orientation I have prepared a chart, which can be found in the section of Documents to Download, and here you can find the exercise you wish to do based on your physical as well as psychological skills.

We recommend to try several exercising lessons, meet the individual instructors and choose your exercise based on these criteria as well. In other words: SEE IF THE LESSON SUITS YOU.


Martina Macková


Team of instructors:

Fousová Romana

Kohoutková Daniela

Kohoutková Marie

Macková Martina

Malínková Klára

Nováková Helena

Pérezová Dana

Smrčková Iva


Age categories:

From 16 to 99 years of age



Dear exercisers! When you come for the first time, you pay 60 CZK in cash to the instructor after the lesson. If you enjoy the lesson and decide to come regularly (or more often), you will go to the vestibule on the ground floor of our building and you can get the permanent pass in the registrar office. You will also become a member of our club. The permanent pass is either for 10 lessons and costs 450 CZK or for 20 lessons and costs 900 CZK.

The instructor will check your pass after every exercising unit – lesson. The permanent pass is valid for all units during the week – all year long …


Dear exercisers,

you can get to the hall of Kleméňa Hanušová (hall No. 402) by the lift from the vestibule (4th floor).


As our hall has got a special surface treatment we kindly ask you to check your aerobics shoes.

Your shoes cannot leave any marks or prints on our floor.

Please check your soles!


Chief of the club:

Mgr. Martina Macková

+420 602 181 737

Training grades: instructor of the 2nd grade of versatility exercises, FISAF Aerobics Instructor, FISAF Muscle Conditioning, FISAF New Step Challenge Instructor